Adif Knasim – Your conference Solution  

Worrying, running around, producing, planning, marketing, advertising and worrying again... Who knows better than you that organizing a conference entails an enormous investment of time, and one headache after another?


Well, now you can enjoy and relax because with ADIF Knasim you can be sure that your next  conference will be a "piece of cake".


ADIF Knasim, a part of the ADIF Communications Group, is one of the most prominent and professional production companies in Israel specializing in the organization of conferences. Thanks to the experience and expertise we have accumulated over more than a decade, we can offer our customers a complete package that includes formulating an effective concept, branding the conference, building a smart marketing package, handling all conference content, managing the participant registration, recruiting sponsorships, and taking care of every last logistical aspect of the event.

ADIF Knasim would like you, too, to enjoy all the advantages and solutions we offer in a one-stop shop.


Adding value to your conference content


The process of creating content for your conference raises a host of questions, such as what topic should be central to the conference and how do you make sure you give your participants real value?

At ADIF Knasim, we’re committed to handling all of your conference content. This isn’t just a clichéd motto. The ADIF Communications Group is the leading content organization in the pension and insurance sector. Our expertise in content and our experience in producing dozens of successful conferences over the years enable us to add real value to your conference content, from creating a winning concept, preparing a properly balanced schedule, and recruiting professional speakers, to producing professional printed materials adding value during the conference itself and after it’s over. As a professional content-focused organization with experts in content, design, graphics, copywriting and photography on board, we also specialize in producing professional videos.


Adding value to your conference marketing and advertising


The process of marketing and advertising your conference requires a great deal of skill, such as branding the event properly, choosing the best marketing strategies, and maximizing the impact your conference can have.

The content and marketing experts at ADIF Knasim bring true added value to all aspects of your conference’s branding and marketing. We are here to help you from the branding stage, ensuring that the right message is conveyed to your customer, to building a smart marketing package, and providing extensive PR services and media coverage. As part of the media exposure effort, we will help you to prepare marketing emails, before and after the conference, and to prepare a special edition to summarize the event. In addition, ADIF Knasim, as a member of the ADIF Communications Group, has a great deal of media clout in a wide range of communication channels – press and print, digital media, and advertising routes targeting decision makers and professionals who are influential in the insurance, pension and financial sectors.


Adding value to your conference production


Whether it’s the most advanced lighting and sound system, or unique sales tools for your conference, ADIF Knasim, as a leader in producing the most successful events, is constantly exposed to all the latest trends and developments in the business. This important advantage enables us to keep our customers up-to-date in real time about all the latest technological innovations and hottest trends so that you can enjoy a conference everyone will rave about.


Adding value to your conference savings


At ADIF Knasim we provide you with real value by working with reliable, professional, reasonably priced service providers and with potential conference sponsors. In addition, we offer a modular package individually suited to your wishes and to the needs of your customers. You can select any or all package components as you see fit.

Adding value to your conference with experience and service

ADIF Knasim has a great deal of experience in producing dozens of conferences for Israel’s leading institutions. We put all that experience at your disposal, providing you with a dedicated contact person who knows your needs well and accompanies you every step of the way.

We invite you to join our circle of satisfied customers.


Adding value to your conference through managing registration


ADIF Knasim will build your conference a secure registration and payment website that will make it easier to manage, produce and market the conference at every stage. Using such a website enables us to maintain continuous, effective contact with all registrants and to send them updates and reminders before and after the event.

In addition, ADIF Knasim has a cadre of ushers, and can produce branded nametags for every type of conference and event.


Adding value to your company


The next time you have a conference, all you have to do is contact us. We'll make sure that your next conference will be a "piece of cake"  for you.